40 Sweet and Charming Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

40 sweet and charming dorm room ideas for girls 39 #dormroomideas #dormroom #roomideas

Designing a room for your daughter gets a little simpler these days. Nowadays, you don’t have to put fully pink decors or use frilly beds to create a feminine look for the room.  In fact, girls have various taste and not all of them long for a room filled with busy colors and patterns. Some of them are content with casual designs, and hence this list of sweet and charming girl’s room decor ideas might match their personalities.

What might make a big difference in a room designed for a girl and a boy is the decorations. Colors takes a big part only when you use so much pink and its shades in the room. No color is that masculine that it can’t make a room feminine. Therefore, it’s easier to design a room for a girl whatever her favorite color is. You can still go with pink if you would, or you can choose any other pastel color to create such sweet tone. Also, if you prefer calming atmosphere, white will work as the best hue.

One of the color combinations you can try to create a basic girl’s room is pink and grey. It has that sweet touch, and gives you room to explore with other neutral details such as monochrome and wooden crafts.