60 Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art Ideas for Brides

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Your wedding day will likely be the most important day in your life, or at least one of the most important days. As a result you want to look your best and the only way to do that is to put a lot of effort and time into making sure everything is just perfect. You want the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, and of course the perfect nails. Sometimes people leave their nails to the last minute and paint them themselves almost as an afterthought. However, bridal nail caring is incredibly important because when your hands are beautiful you will love showing off your new rings even more not to mention the photos of your hands will be stunning. There are lots of wedding nail art ideas and you can choose whatever type of art goes with your personality as well as your dress. Some women really enjoy the conservative French manicure with nothing else while other women really like to go for a bolder look. Some nice ideas include a basic French manicure with mini pearl or diamond accents. Having an airbrushed bride and groom on your nails is another option or perhaps lace details. Basically anything you can… Continue Reading

40 Chic Wedding Nail Art Ideas Your Mom Won’t Yell at You For Wearing

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If you normally wear nail art, then you should make it part of your wedding day. Forget being “classic” or worrying about being “too trendy.” Your big day is a time let your personality shine, and if that means a pretty nail design, then we empower you to go for it! But wearing nail art to even the chicest black-tie affairs can be elegant and understated. Modern manicure looks range from subtle sparkles that fade to geometric details and gorgeous shattered glass effects. To give you inspiration, we rounded up bridal manicure looks from Instagram. You’ll find all tastes, from shabby-chic to hipster and ultraglam. Keep reading to see wedding nail art you won’t regret! And if you can get your bridal party wearing it, even better.