34+ Cute And Creative DIY Mother’s Day Cards Every Child Can Make

Cute and creative diy mother's day cards 00055

For all mothers, seeing their child happy and healthy is by far the most beautiful and rewarding gift they can enjoy. Mothers are the most special beings for a reason: they love non-material things more than material belongings, and that is a truly rare quality. Here are 30 super emotional and inspired Mothers Day cards to make at home!

If you do not know what to give your mom on Mother’s Day, then you should definitely check out this great idea that embeds two of the things mothers love the most: a love-filled card where you share all your thoughts and emotions, and a lovely flower! Besides, making the flower pot card will only take a few minutes of your time, and your mother is certainly worth much more than this. Avoid the commercial cards for a change and get your mom something she will definitely use as a keepsake over the years!

This is a lovely patterned Mother’s day card that only involves some basic hardcover paper and some different Washi tapes! Creating some lovely and distinctive horizontal patterns has never been easier, and all you have to do is to cut the Washi tapes in equal lengths and to carefully stick them to the card. When you are done, you can write a quote or an inspirational message inside the card, just make sure to choose one that will make your mom’s heart melt!