44+ Easy Handmade DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Easy handmade diy mother's day gifts 00109

Since my own mother passed away in 2013, Mother’s Day has lost a lot of its luster. It just isn’t the same. But the fact remains that there are other mothers in my life – my mother’s mother and my mother-in-law – who deserve recognition on this special day. And then there are my own kids who love to pamper me and give me homemade gifts on Mother’s Day.

Even though it doesn’t feel like a great day to me, it is still important to many others.

So we celebrate.

Whatever your particular challenges, I bet you do something for Mother’s Day, too.

While it is true that we could pop on to Amazon and pick out a sweet Mother’s Day gift and have it shipped, there is something special and amazing about homemade gifts that Amazon just can’t match. I prefer gifts made by my two sweet girls, and I know my mother-in-law and grandmother do, too.

So do yourself and your mother a favor this year, and DIY a special gift for her, and let your kids help.

Because those mistake-filled gifts from the hands of babes will be treasured long after the pretty things from Amazon are forgotten.

Read on my friend.